Lionize's Favourite Riffs

With the Lords Of The Riff 2 tour just around the corner we thought we'd ask Lionize about what riffs still hit home.


Bad Brains – Soul Craft

“The opening riff is an example of why they are one of the greatest bands ever to exist. Dr. Know sings the riff perfectly before it explodes into the track. Monstrous riff. And the fact that you can sing it back makes it one of the all time best.”

Muddy Waters – I Just Want To Make Love To You

“Although there are a dozen versions of this tune done by Muddy and countless others, the version of this riff on_ Electric Mud_ is dirty, and heavy and raw. Very simple but powerful.”

Captain Beyond – Raging River Of Fear

“This is one of the most criminally relatively unknown bands around. The riff opens this song with an instant classic groove that sets the standard for swing. The tone and rhythm are unmistakable and it’s on one of my favourite albums ever.”

Deep Purple – Love Child

“Although I’m a huge fan of Blackmore and all the riffs on Fireball and _Machine Head _albums, the first time I heard Tommy Bolin’s opening riff to this song, I wanted my guitar to sound like that. I wanted to play that funky. I don’t know if that’s possible. It’s untouchable.”

Jimi Hendrix – Killing Floor Blues

“Even though this is almost a standard covered by tons of artists, earliest works by Skip James and Howlin’ Wolf, Hendrix proves this song was meant for outer space and takes it there with a speed and groove that no earthling could. The version of this song at Monterey Pop Festival with the Experience is one that makes you want to master the riff, and quit playing all in one.”

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