"Everyone was going mad about Oasis, but I preferred Blur": Jack Osbourne picks the soundtrack to his life

Jack Osbourne 2023
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Son of Ozzy Osbourne, Jack first entered the public eye via The Osbournes TV show in 2002. Helping organise Ozzfest with mother Sharon, Jack went on to become a successful media personality in his own right, hosting shows like Adrenaline Junkie  and Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, as well as masterminding the recent reboot of The Osbournes podcast.

Back in 2011, Hammer sat down with Jack to find out what albums make him tick - these were his picks...   

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THE FIRST CD I BROUGHT WAS... Various Artists - Independence Day Soundtrack (1996)

“The first one I remember buying was the Independence Day soundtrack. I was a giant nerd when I was a kid and I liked the movie."

THE FIRST ARTIST ALBUM I BROUGHT WAS... Blur - The Great Escape (1995)

"My first proper album was Blur's The Great Escape. Everyone was going mad about Oasis at the time, but I preferred Blur. I definitely don’t go back and listen to the soundtrack to Independence Day anymore! Things got better from there I think.”"

THE BEST ALBUM ARTWORK IS... Tool - Lateralus (2003)

“It’s amazing, it’s like this see-through plastic that’s all layered. It’s almost more like a piece of art than an album cover the way that Tool did it. They layers are all on top of each other so as you peel back the pages of the booklet inside it all changes. People don’t do artwork like that now!”


“I’ve been listening to a lot of Hatebreed recently. I put them on before I go and work out. I think it’s really good pump-up music.”

THE ALBUM THAT BROKE MY HEART... Nick Drake - Pink Moon (1971)

Pink Moon by [late English folk legend] Nick Drake. It’s just such a sad album, it’s one of the greatest albums ever. Especially knowing what happened to him [Drake's death was suspected suicide]. Look at what transpired after Nick Drake. He paved the way for so many of those singer-songwriters with feelings.”


“That probably would be any album seeing as I couldn’t make music if my life depended on it. Think of the worst album possible, where you go, ‘Who made this slop?’; at least somebody had the ability to make it. I just can’t. Screwing around with Garage Band is as far as I got.”

IF SOMEONE ASKS ME WHAT HEAVY METAL IS, I OFFER THEM A COPY OF... Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Souls For Rock N Roll (1976)

“I would play him a little bit of all my favourite metal bands. The essentials would have to be, of course, some Sabbath in there, some of my dad, to represent the 70s, 80s. Some Mötley Crüe. Throw in a little Pantera, Tool, Slipknot.”

THE ALBUM I'D WANT PLAYED AT MY FUNERAL IS... Tenacious D - Tenacious D (2001)

“Something really upbeat. I’d probably choose Tenacious D. No one would be able to hold a straight face.”

THE FIRST ALBUM I HAD SEX TO WAS... Tool - Aenima (1996)

“Tool are my favourite band, so I’m sure it was probably on. I love that they’re so not traditional, and if you break it down everyone kind of plays independently of each other and it all kind of works. They’re not following the rhythm section, and the rhythm section is kind of doing their thing. They’re so experimental how they weave in different sounds. They’re definitely one of the smarter bands out there, and it’s always changing.”

NO ONE WILL BELIEVE I OWN A COPY OF... Simply Red - Greatest Hits (1996)

“Simply Red’s Greatest Hits. That’s a good one! I used to really like Simply Red when I was a kid and I just was going through all my stuff recently because I’m moving house, and I found the Greatest Hits collection. I did listen to it about two or three years ago, and it’s one of those things where you go. ‘Holy shit, I forgot how many of these songs were big songs.’ They were massive!”

The Osbournes podcast is available to stream now on Spotify. This feature originally ran in MHR225.