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Iceland's Eurovision entry is the industrial metal club anthem you never knew you needed


We all remember the glorious year – 2006, to be precise – when Finnish shock-rockers Lordi won hearts and minds all over Europe with their metal-tastic Eurovision entry Hard Rock Hallelujah. It was a landmark moment for metal – well, within the confines of the competition, at least, which is usually reserved for schmaltzy ballads and Euro-pop. 

This year metal has another chance of flying the flag of victory at the annual competition, in the shape of Iceland's frankly bananas entry, Hatrið mun sigra, from techno-punks Hatari. The track mixes Rammstein-esque industrial metal with throbbing dance beats for an infuriatingly catchy entry which you'll be hard-pushed to scrub from your mind once it's in there.

But it's Eurovision, so there's got to be a little bit of cheese in the mix – in this case supplied by the song's soaring chorus and the obligatory key change. You can check the song out in full below.

Hatari have been grabbing headlines in their native Iceland thanks to a number of baffling TV appearances. One interview in particular, which you can see in full below, has got audiences anticipating just how anarchic their live performance might turn out to be.

The Eurovision will be broadcast live from Tel Aviv on May 18.