Ice-T has a new podcast and he's already recorded a year's worth of episodes: "I don't think I'll ever run out of wisdom"

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As a man who has seen and experienced a lot over his incredible career, Ice-T is certainly someone with plenty of wisdom to imbue upon us mere mortals. With that in mind, podcast publisher iHeartPodcasts probably couldn't have picked a better person for their latest venture; signing up Ice to create bite sized motivational quotes in podcast form. 

Named Ice-T's Daily Game, the show is available daily on all podcast platforms. We were able to chat to the man himself to get the lowdown on the show. 

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So, what inspired you to get back into the podcast game Ice? 

“Well, I’m on social media, I’m on Twitter, I used to have Fanclubs so I could talk to the people that wanted to talk to me, and Twitter can be useful for getting close to people who wanna talk to you... long as you block all the bullshit! 

I came up with The Daily Game, it’s just little titbits of knowledge and wisdom I picked up. The person who has the most wisdom is the person that’s been through the most shit, taken the most losses, if you can pay attention to these jewels, it might be able to save you from headaches. I was doing that on Twitter for a few years until iHeartRadio got hold of me and said ‘Hey, why don’t we do these as a podcast?’. So, alright, let’s do it.” 

They’re short and sweet too. 

“Exactly, they’re about five minutes of your time. I take a quote that I think is helpful, and I break the quote down, and I tell you how I see it working in real life. You get that every day, you can wake up, make it part of your regime, and you’ll be surprised at how much they can help you.” 

So, how do you come up with the quotes? Is it just when the inspiration takes you? 

“Yeah. I might get one from you! You never know, people have these little things they walk with. We recorded 200 right out the gate. They researched my Twitter page and said that I had already given 2500 of them out, so it has legs. Everyone is capable of saying something that makes you go ‘Whoah! That was good, that hit me!’ That’s why it’s called The Daily Game; in the streets we’re all playing the game.” 

And you don’t have to respond to the trolls you get on Twitter this way either! 

“Well, you know, you get someone like me who is willing to engage with the fans and be cool, and then you always gonna get an asshole! So, I think ‘You wanna be famous today?’ and I make ‘em famous! (laughs) It’s good, all I gotta do is retweet ‘em and my fans come in ‘Get the fuck outta here, we’re trying to have a conversation! Don’t be fucking with Ice!’ 

I’m all for blocking, but some people say shit so stupid that you gotta let them know how stupid they are. But, honestly, here’s a little daily game for you here: the only way you gonna be upset is if one of your friends say that shit to you. Some random asshole on the internet, who cares. Someone you respect say something, that might get to you, but that ain’t happened to me so far.” 

And how long can you see the podcast running for? Will you ever run out of wisdom? 

“I don’t' think I’ll ever run out of wisdom! But there’s only 365 days in a year, we already done a year’s worth, so we’re gonna see where we are after that, but, from what I understand, it’s already taken off. We’re moving fast, but there will never be a shortage of knowledge and game, so hopefully it’ll be something people will listen to for years to come.” 

Listen to Ice-T's Daily Game below

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