"I have a set of testicles and I like to use them”: watch Type O Negative discuss male vocalists and music for seduction in a risqué 'in bed with' interview

Type O Negative
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I's fair to say that in 2023, the idea of an interview with one of the world's most sexually-driven rock bands being conducted in a bed by a female presenter might not be given the green light. In 1994 however, such gimmicks were entirely common-place, as evidenced by this classic archive footage of darkly-sarcastic goth rock mavericks Type O Negative, discussing their new album Bloody Kisses from beneath the covers.

While some moments from the interview were rather risqué, such as when former MTV interviewer Karyn Bryant notes how despite being in a bedroom, the band were yet to live up to their provocative nature and do anything "sexist" (before frontman Peter Steele subtly moves to slightly undo her blouse), for the most part, Type O, in true Type O Negative fashion, prove to be as unbothered as ever, and come across rather disinterested in the whole thing.

Their nonchalance however makes for some amusing viewing, especially as Steele, accompanied by keyboardist/backing vocalist Josh Silver, continually deliver their responses with as much zeal as a pair of sleepy vampires who have just been rudely awakened from a century-long slumber.

Towards the start of the discussion, the goth rockers are pushed to label their sound, as Bryant ponders: "Are you gothic? Are you Sabbath-like?". In response, a wry Silver breezily replies: "Since we’re forced to categorise ourselves which we normally hate to do, we like to call it goth-a-delic."

Then asked "So what kind of music would you put on to romance somebody?", Steele is a little more specific, responding "Well I like bands like Curve, Zymox, Dead Can Dance, My Bloody Valentine, stuff like that..."

"I’m not really a music fan," Silver deadpans.

Bryant then goes on to ask Steele if he's a fan of Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan, saying "Pete, I found in your voice, a very hypnotic quality that I find in say Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees, do you listen to them at all?". In response, Steele answers: "I’ve heard them, I like them, however I do not listen to them."

As Bryant then elaborates on The Screaming Trees' supposed similarity, she goes on to add that fans of Type O Negative may also enjoy Sisters Of Mercy. This comparison however doesn't seem to sit too well with Steele, who begins a small rant over his dislike of male vocalists who sing in a high pitch.

"Well I think in general the public is sick of male vocalists sounding like little girls having their feet tickled" he states.

"I have a set of testicles and I like to use them, especially when it comes to affecting my vocal chords and making them thick, and long and full of mucus, like they should be".

Towards the latter end of the interview, the band are questioned over their lyrical content that addresses "rough relationships" with women, and how they have received slack for being "feminists".

"I’d like for you to be able to clear up, because lyrically you do talk about going through rough relations with women, how do you explain this?" Bryant ponders.

And Steele moodily answers: "In the past I've written songs about women, however it was primarily about one woman. Unfortunately I assumed that the general public could differentiate between singular and plural, however I was wrong. The songs I write were about one person so I’ve been branded this and that, but that's fine with me as it sells albums".

A classically dry interview from a classically dry Peter Steele. Check it out below:


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