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Here's Matt Heafy covering Africa by Toto

Matt Heafy playing guitar on Twitch

Matt Heafy loves Twitch. He's always on it, covering this and that, showing off his frankly ludicrous guitar collection and wearing rad band shirts. Basically, if you like Twitch and heavy metal, you need to give the Trivium frontman a follow.

Known as kiichichaosreigns on Twitch, Matt held an event under the name Kiichichaos Karaoke in which fans could donate and request songs for Matt to cover on his channel.

User makib0y had the highest bid, whose choice just happened to be the internet's favourite Africa by Toto. 

So here's Matt giving it all he's got on a swanky-ass guitar!

In May, Weezer also covered Africa after a fan campaign.