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Heavy Metal World Cup: Wrust vs Underside

Wrust vs Underside

In the final match of the Heavy Metal World Cup's first round, the two smallest bands will face off against each other – Wrust (representing Bostwana) and Underside (representing Nepal).

Both bands fight for heavy metal and defend the faith with serious vigour in their home countries. Wrust are one of Botswana's biggest bands, taking cues from Sepultura and Obituary, and Underside are a vital part of the Nepalese scene, being heavily involved with Silence festival.

Here's how the two bands match up on paper.


Members: 4
Albums: 2
Genre: Death metal
Biggest Song: Hate 'Em All
Most Likely To: Metamorphosise intellectually


Members: 4
Albums: 1
Genre: Metalcore
Biggest Song: Satan In Your Stereo
Most Likely To: Fuck the system

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