Former Thin Lizzy man Eric Bell opens up about his upcoming live date

A shot of Eric Bell playing live
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A co-founding member of Thin Lizzy, guitarist Eric Bell is set to join the cast of a sponsored charity gig in London that also features former Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden and the band Gypsy Heart.

You’re tracking a new album right now. How is it going?

It’s going really well, and the tracks are pretty varied. The one I’m doing today is sort of an Irish thing, about the road-digging or labouring guys that come to London thinking the streets are paved with gold. They’re supposed to send money home but end up drinking it instead.

The show will raise money for Drums And Disabilities. Is that a cause close to your heart?

Absolutely. I love playing charity gigs. God gave us all a talent, and if I can use mine to help other people I’m well into that.

Anyone buying a ‘super ticket’ (at is entered into a draw to win a day for two at a private album launch party on October 7, with accommodation in Cheshire thrown in.

That’s pretty good, isn’t it? The event is for ten people, plus their partners.

What kind of a set will you be playing?

It’ll be our usual set. Again, there’s a real mixture. We play some blues and of course I’ll be playing you-know-what [laughs] and [Lizzy’s] The Rocker. Actually I don’t mind playing Whiskey In The Jar [Thin Lizzy’s first hit, in 1972]. I used to have a love-hate relationship with that song, but now I’m proud of it again.

Does it seem possible that you quit Thin Lizzy forty-four years ago, following a fairly disastrous New Year’s Eve concert?

Not at all. And I didn’t think I’d still be here at this stage in the game. That’s why I got out – the lifestyle was quite rock’n’roll.

Besides the obvious element of pride, what do you think Phil Lynott would think of the continued fascination with his music?

He’d be surprised. Underneath the charade – the leather trousers and all – I think he’d be knocked out that people still care.

The charity show is at The Lounge in London on September 3.

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