EXCLUSIVE: In The Studio With Devilment

While Dani Filth's new outfit Devilment were putting the finishing touches to their upcoming debut album, we were given a glimpse into the recording process and how it's all coming together.

No, seriously guys. It was this big.

Dani shows off his photo album from Cradle’s tour of The Vatican.

Despite such inauspicious beginnings, the band have been moving at a rate of knots, recording around vocalist Dani Filth and producer Scott Atkins’ hectic schedules, crafting their debut full-length and winning a deal with the sizeable Nuclear Blast Records in the process. So what does the band actually sound like? Well imagine a blend of synthy goth rock and groove metal with occasional symphonic black metal overtones and thrash metal riffing and you’ll have some idea… hopefully. Mind you, it’s not just us that are struggling to pigeonhole the group’s sound..

“Well originally it was an industrial/dance thing,” recalls guitarist Daniel Finch, “but now there’s lots of influences, you have six individuals all listening to different stuff – be it black metal or folk music – and it’s a combination of those inspirations that make Devilment what it is.”

Dani shows off his collection of white-on-white drawings. Such art. Very design.

There’ll be a full in-depth studio report in the upcoming issue of Metal Hammer in September. STAY TUNED!