Electric Light Orchestra: Where Are The Former Members Now?

But what happened to those who also served?

ROY WOOD (1970-1972)
Formed the band with Lynne out of The Move. Went on to form Wizzard and have huge success. A more erratic solo career since. Won Outer Limits Award at 2015 Progressive Music Awards.

BEV BEVAN (1970-1986)
Also in The Move with Lynne and Wood. Drummer until 80s split. Drummed with Black Sabbath. Launched ELO Pt. II. Still drumming, presents a radio show on BBC Radio West Midlands and narrated an audio version of Tony Iommi’s biography.

STEVE WOOLAM (1970-71)
Violinist on debut album. Sadly committed suicide in 1972.

BILL HUNT (1970-1972)
Keyboard and French horn player. Left to join Wizzard with Wood.

WILFRED GIBSON (1972-1973)
Violinist who replaced Woollam. Performed at very first ELO live show. Replaced by Mik Kaminski in 1973. Session musician who played on Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock. Died 2014.

Cellist on ELO 1. Quit music business after.

COLIN WALKER (1972-1973)
Cellist whose first gig was at Reading Festival in 1972. Left to become a teacher.

Bassist. Left the band in 1974. released two solo albums, We May Be Cattle But We’ve All Got Names (1973) and Stalking The Sleeper (1976). Worked with Kaminski on Violinski. Sporadically involved with music since.

MIKE EDWARDS (1972-1975)
Cellist until The Night The Light Went On In Long Beach. Famed for bizarre costumes and being blown up on stage. Killed in 2010 when a giant hay bale crushed the drivers compartment of van he was driving in Devon.

HUGH MCDOWELL (1972-1979)
Original cellist, who briefly left to join Wizzard, but returned to replace Colin Walker. Remained until Lynne disbanded string section. Briefly a member of ELO Pt. II. Still involved in music.

MIK KAMINSKI (1973-1979)
Best known violinist of band. Also performed live with ELO until 1986. Had a hit with Clog Dance in 1979 with Violinksi. Member of ELO Pt. II and The Orchestra.

KELLY GROUCUTT (1974-1983)
Joined ELO from West Midlands band Barefoot. Left during recording of Secret Messages after he sued Lynne over royalty payments. Appeared in ELO Pt II and The Orchestra. Died from heart attack in 2009.

MELVYN GALE (1975-1979)
Cellist who also played piano on Wild West Hero. Was director of CD and vinyl manufacturers and also teaches.

LOUIS CLARK (1981-1986)
Band’s orchestra arranger from 1974, Clark also played synthesizer for the band on tours in 1981 and 1986. Best known for 1981’s Hooked On Classics album. Appeared in ELO Pt II and The Orchestra. Worked with Lynne on Roy Orbison’s Mystery Girl album.

DAVE MORGAN (1981-1986)
Ex-Magnum bassist appeared live with ELO from ’81 to ’86. Released Earthside album with Tandy. A pilot and part-time flying instructor.

Bassist for the Heartbeat 86 show.

ROSIE VELA (2000-2001)
Backing vocalist on Zoom and three live shows. Jeff Lynne’s squeeze at the time.

PEGGY BALDWIN (2000-2001)
Cellist on Zoom and three live dates.

SARAH O’BRIEN (2000-2001)
Cellist on Zoom and three live dates.

Ex-David Lee Roth drummer appeared on Zoom and three live dates.

MATT BISONETTE (2000-2001)
Ex-David Lee Roth bassist and brother of Gregg. Also played on Zoom and live dates.

MARC MANN (2000-2001)
Guitarist who appeared on Zoom and three live dates. Previously worked with Lynne on Beatles Anthology.

Paul Lester

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