Dom's Iron Sandwich: Attila – Chaos

Dom Lawson

Following his previous reviews of records he actually enjoys, Dom has finally found an album that he doesn’t, and it’s Attila’s new album Chaos. Fronted by the controversial troll-baiting Fronzilla (not his real name), the album treads the line between deathcore and try-hard offensive rap.

No stranger to the band itself, Dom even went to see Attila once, in the below review he casts his caffeine-powered eyes and ears over Attila’s seventh(!) album. And despite thinking that the album is “not as horrifying as it could be”, Dom (unsurprisingly) has a few problems with the lyrics and Fronz’s fascination with the word ‘bitch’.

Although “there’s nothing wrong with a bit of stupid” when it comes to the “dumb” straightforward deathcore, being a “lyrics guy” Dom is keen to point out the absurdity of Fronz’s words, giving a special man-from-the-seaside rendition of Public Apology. If you’re yet to listen to Attila, you need to watch this review.

Chaos is out now, via Sharptone Records.

Attila: metal’s most misunderstood band – or just misogynists?