Critics' Choice 2014: The Year In Numbers!

Hold tight, kids, it’s time for… The Year In Numbers!

2017 Population of Tasiilaq, Greenland, the nearest town to The Defiled’s history-making iceberg gig.

11 Twerking ladies featured in Mastodon’s controversial Motherload video./o:p

20,000 People who saw Babymetal at their shows at the Budokan in Japan./o:p

112 The number of times death, killing or murder are mentioned on King 810’s blinding debut album, Memoirs Of A Murderer.

25,500 People who signed the petition to have Metallica removed from Glastonbury. They failed./o:p

9 The number of World War I replica planes that took part in Iron Maiden’s spectacular dogfight at Sonisphere.

27 The number of women Steel Panther’s Satchel insists he slept with just before this year’s Golden Gods.

4 Time in hours The Hell went on hiatus for earlier this year, before promptly reforming./o:p

3 Things that miff Ice T according to Body Count’s Institutionalized cover: his wife not letting him play Xbox, forgetting his email password and his choice of sandwich being criticized.

2 The number of Slipknot members that are blown up in the band’s Devil In I video.

6900 The year Vulvatron traveled from to heroically join GWAR./o:p

4.6 Strength in alcoholic percentage of Evil Scarecrow’s Galactic Hunt beer.

9 The chart position Motionless In White’s Reincarnate debuted at in the US Billboard 200 chart.

1 Number of large, armoured police vans parked outside Cannibal Corpse’s show in Novgorod, Russia, as cops raided the venue and cancelled the gig. These policemen have thus earned themselves the titles of Dickheads Of The Year. Cheers, lads./o:p

14 Size in feet of the huge skeleton king that graced the stage during Avenged Sevenfold’s headline performance at Download./o:p