Coheed's Claudio Sanchez: Through A Glass Darkly

“In all honesty, I couldn’t see the tree for the woods, I couldn’t see past my own crazy”, says Claudio Sanchez of the months spent attempting to write The Color Before The Sun album. Holed up in his Brooklyn apartment with his first young son on the way, Claudio, by his own admission, “fell down the hole of identity crisis”.

In an extended conversation with The Prog Magazine Show, the singer and song writer talks about his uncertainty - now past - over the future of Coheed. Freeing himself from the constraints of being in a band expected to only write concept records, becoming a dad for the first time, his house being trashed by dope farmers, writing a Broadway musical and why it’s taken him thirty-seven years to truly show himself to the world.

“I started thinking about being younger and not being in the band and how I missed that mentality…”, he said. “And that sent me down this spiral of songs like *Eraser *and Island. Eraser is very much about turning back the clock and finding that youthful creativity without the walls of history that we have built for ourselves as Coheed and Cambria the concept band. So I had all that going on and then we found out that our home, The Big Beige, got vandalised…”

To find out more about Coheed’s Color Before The Sun, and the emotional pull and push that drove Claudio to write it then click on the link below.

Coheed And Cambria's Sanchez Rediscovers Himself On Latest Album

Philip Wilding

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