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In all our years of curating Tracks Of The Week, we never expected to see a great Wolfmother versus Dolly Parton playoff, but that's exactly what the last seven days have given us, with Andrew Stockdale's feisty Australian rockers narrowly beating the Queen of Nashville in the unlikeliest of rock battles. Seattle's Ayron Jones came in third, but who's counting? Well, us, obviously. 

This week's eight-way battle for rock supremacy features bands from two of the great rugby playing nations – Wales and New Zealand – plus some devilish Swedes, an official Queen Of Noise, some leading lights of Atlanta's goth-punk underground, a returning Stadium staple, a possible future stadium staple, and an all-sibling band whose father was born in Transylvania. 

We hope they bring you great pleasure. 


Lucifer - A Coffin Has No Silver Lining

On their first single from upcoming album Lucifer V, Stockholm doom metallers Lucifer bubble up an eclectic elixir, as they transform the leather-clad, fist-thrusting sound of 70s and 80s hard metal into smoky and seductive occult rock, draped in black velvet and Sabbathian crucifixes. Motored by a riff that sounds like a decelerated version of Motley Crue’s Looks That Kill, the later chorus line ‘who will wake you from this nightmare’ calls to mind the kitschy gothic hooks of Alice Cooper. While certainly familiar in parts, as a whole beast, A Coffin Has No Lining makes for one potent and powerful blend. 

Starbenders - Sex

On new single Sex, Starbenders prowl like a cat in heat searching for their prey, illuminated by the red hues of neon street signs as they wave goodbye to the confinement of conventional love. Raunchy and rebellious, the Atlanta-based rock’n’rollers rip through an excitable melody reminiscent of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, sizzling in smutty heat, as if grinding up against each other at a futuristic sex party where everyone’s dressed in spandex space-suits. Doctor Who even somehow makes an appearance, with a background riff that sounds a whole lot like the theme-tune…Doctor Who at a sex party?! We think we need a sit down.

Skindred - L.O.V.E

Skindred continue to supply the soundtrack of the summer with this new single that’s music festival love and camaraderie in a bottle. On L.O.V.E (Smile More), the Welsh reggae-metallers invite everyone to take a sip and share in the good vibes, as frontman Benji Webbe counts his blessings and booms out cheery lyrics such as ‘everybody in the place you know we from the same tribe’ and ‘love is what we need’. Instead of big, bombastic riffs however, Skindred tap more into their reggae roots to get spirits on a high; and if this doesn’t put a smile on your face, well, you’re obviously made of stone. 

Greta Van Fleet - Sacred The Thread

On their previous single, Meeting The Master, Greta Van Fleet ventured on an “exotic spiritual journey”, turning to esoteric concepts of “wise teachers” and “devout believers”. On their latest track to arrive from upcoming album Starcatcher, the retro-rock revivalists look to inspirations much closer to home - their own closets. In fact, Sacred The Thread serves as a majestic ode to frontman Josh Kiszka's love of jumpsuits, with an airy Kashmir-esque drum beat meeting swirling vocal melodies that spool out like yarns of silk. Elegant and ethereal, like the nimble-footed dance of fairytale forest dwellers, it’s utterly entrancing.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - If You’re Blue

Taken from their forthcoming EP Mindsets, this new track from Joan Jett & The Blackhearts is definitively Joan Jett; scrappy, spunky and packed with effortless attitude. Simple it may be, If You’re Blue is like an itch you can’t help but scratch; a little rough around the edges but satisfyingly so. Propelled by punky, bare-boned guitar chords, Jett whirrs out lines like a friendly pat-on-the-back, with ‘call me if you’re blue’ spoken in a bristly warmth; like the familiar comfort of a worn and reliable leather jacket, smelling of whisky and too many nights out with friends out on the road. 

Powder Chutes - Moths To The Flame

From the unlikely musical hotbed of Wanaka, New Zealand's unofficial millionaires' playground, Powder Chutes' single Moths To The Flame sounds like the work of a band who've studied the history of hard rock with near-forensic enthusiasm and remembered most of it. It's starts off a bit like early Pearl Jam, but by the time the vocal arrives and rides above a stuttering riff, we're into Tool-adjacent territory. Throw in some blues rock, a bit of Velvet Revolver, and a smidgeon of punk near the climax, and you've got something that's at least equal to the sum of its numerous parts.

Taking an unusual route to fame and fortune, five-piece sibling band Liliac started life as street performers in Los Angeles – covering tracks by the likes of Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss and Metallica – before appearing on America’s Got Talent and then pivoting to original material. With the best part of a million followers on Facebook they've clearly established a fanbase, and new 'Vamp metal' single Carousel sounds like the kind of effervescent earworm that Måneskin specialise in, but tougher. Or think Halestorm, but spookier. 

Foo Fighters - Under You 

2022 was obviously a tough year for Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Channelling their grief into this heard-rendering new song, Under You sees the rockers long for lost moments while sounding much like their old selves, as wholesome melodies, toasty guitar tones and touching lyrics come together to create an unexpectedly bright and breezy song, one that sits comfortably alongside their best work.

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