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The Temperance Movement

The Temperance MovementWhite Bear

The smashing title track from TTM’s latest album gets some stylish, clever camera treatment in this brand new video. Phil Campbell and co are rendered trippy, swerving shapes amid pounding rhythm and one of their sweetest tunes yet. Not great for those who get motion-sick easily. Fab for everyone else.

Iggy PopSunday

The final surviving member of The Unholy Trinity hooked up with Joshua Homme at 29 Palms’ Rancho De La Lunes studios - its breathtaking Joshua Tree-sprinkled location captured here - to record this brooding, engaging, spiky lollop for posterity. Yet another casually rendered Pop classic.

StationOne And Only

Big Apple AORsters Station stopped us in our tracks (geddit?!) with this chuffing-good Bon Jovi-esque anthem, the latest song from **** their recently released self-titled album to get the video treatment. Does this signal impending greatness? Or will they go off the rails? (That’s enough hopeless train-related puns – Ed.)

WilsonWindows Down

“Dicks up, windows down, and here comes that sweet sweet fuckery sound!” quoth the sofa-slumped DJ in Wilson’s new video. With a debut called Full Blast Fuckery Detroit’s finest fratboys-turned-bona fide class rockers were unlikely to go totally high-brow on us just yet. Not that we care, mind you – Windows Down (taken from second LP, Right To Rise) is a deliciously beefy, mosh-friendly winner.

Scorpion ChildMoon Tension

The first half a minute or so of Moon Tension is pretty cool. It’s hard and propulsive with a dash of raw soul –we liked it. But then there’s that uplifting, classic-sounding chorus, and suddenly we’re a bit in love. Nice. Taken from Acid Roulette, which is out in June.

Supersonic Blues Machine (feat Warren Haynes)Remedy

The all-American trio teamed up with Allmans axeman Haynes for this super-sweet piece of bluesy action – all dulcet guitar tones, hair and cowboy hats. A lovely rootsy cuddle to send you into the weekend.


Norwegian warbler Jorn, it has to be said, isn’t a great looker and his gurning-by-the-fjordside in this here vid doens’t help matters in the slightest. That said, this is a particularly fine version of the Purple Mk IV classic. Taken from Jorn’s upcoming album of cover songs entitled Heavy Rock Radio.

FURRThink Sharp Kid

Summoning the heavy grooviness and aggro of various early-‘00s guitar bands (think QOTSA, The Vines), Leeds-based foursome FURR strike that desirable balance between buzzy anarchy and rock that…well, rocks. If it weren’t for the prevailing melodic sweetness, it would be a cracking song to start a fight to (not that you should start a fight…please don’t start a fight).

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