Classic Rock's Tracks Of The Week

This week’s Tracks Of The Week have been polished to gleaming sheen, and are ready to be admired by anyone with talented ears. We hope you enjoy their lusty brilliance.

Vodun - Legbas Feast
Back in the day, Do Me Bad Things were the next big thing, but it never quite happened. Vocalist Chantal Brown was the focus, a women of some serious charisma and the owner of a voice as powerful as several stampeding bison. These days she’s the main attraction in Vodun, a fearsome trio whose riffs thud and judder and terrify small children. An album’s on the way.

**The Sheepdogs **- I’m Gonna Be Myself
The most successful rock band in a town famed for producing ice hockey stars, Saskatoon’s very own Sheepdogs return with a rollicking chunk of heartland rock’n’roll and a strangely misty video starring a man on a motorbike who gets involved in a bar fight. Catch them on tour with the Temperance Movement.

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band - High Castle Rock
We suspect that Chris Forsyth is probably fed up with people comparing his guitar style to Tom Verlaine’s and his band to Television, but High Castle Rock is more of the kind of thing that prompts those comparisons. Which is to say that it sounds like Little Johnny Jewell crossed with Marquee Moon crossed with something seriously spectral. Epic.

Night Knight - Set It On Fire
From the provocatively-titled God Is A Motherfucker album, Set It On Fire comes direct from the pen of Serafeim Giannakopoulos, otherwise known as the drummer of the excellent Greek group Planet of Zeus, on played on our Lord Of The Riffs tour a while back. It sounds a bit like Radiohead.

Iggy Pop - Gardenia
In which Mr Osterberg hooks up with Eagles Of Death Metal mainman Josh Homme and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders, and very good it is too, in a David Bowie in the Desert kind of way.

Killing Joke - Euphoria
You know what to expect from Killing Joke, and once again they deliver an almost terrifying amount of noise. Euphoria is epic and primal and sinister and slightly scary and, yes, euphoric.

The Heretic Order - Death Ride Blues
The video contains a man licking a goat skull. But that’s not the only reason for watching it, for Death Ride Blues conjures up the ghosts of NWOBHM in a most pleasing fashion. Although it’s mainly about the goat skull. And the licking.

Bone Hawk - Los Vientos
Any band formed over a mutual appreciation of “video games, pizza, poster girls and rock’n’roll” is OK by us, and Bone Hawk are just such a band. Think Sabbath, think Priest, think greasy great riffs that rampage around the room like an angry rhinoceros left unattended in a biker bar.

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