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In mathematics, eight is the highest possible dimension of a normed division algebra. In our world, it’s the number of tracks in this week’s Tracks Of The Week round-up. We hope you enjoy them.

The Dead Daisies - Midnight Moses The classic hard rock collective upped their game for new album Revolucion, from whence this delicious cut of crunchy groovecake is taken. Peace out, party hard, live long and prosper… in fact, viva la Revolucion!

Nothing But Thieves - Believe

This Southend lot featured recently in TOTW with Itch - now they’re back with a Mumford & Sons cover from a recent Radio 1 live sesh… no, wait come back! They’ve made it rock! Honestly! Jimmy Page would approve, and so do we.

Rival State - Keepsake Thought New Zealand was all hobbits, jet boats and nice coffee? Think again peoples, for tis also the country that brought us Rival State, who’ve just released their best track to date: this one, to be precise. Think a younger, more menacing Green Day, with a raw-throated vocal and a monstrous chorus that pummels your ears to a quaking (but happy) pulp. No frills, no fannying around. Top stuff.

Chastity Belt - Joke Thinking ‘Chastity Belt’ sounds a little po-faced? Don’t be too quick to judge; this Seattle quartet are a smart yet sunny proposition. Try this dose of gauzy guitar pop for starters, and let its surfer melody carry you off to the beach – via New York. Or at least out of your office.

CorruptionBorn To Be Zakk Wylde These Warsaw-based metalheads are about the embark on the second part of their Sharing The Devil tour, where they’ll no-doubt be showcasing this, a cover of Born To Be Wild with two clever twists. It first pays tribute to Black Label Society leader Zakk Wylde, then pays tribute to the great Ronnie James Dio, by inserting a section of Holy Diver. Na zdrowie!

Crucified Barbara - Lunatic #1 The video for Lunatic #1 is a bit like Run Lola Run, but with a heavy metal denouement. Instead of having to find 100,000 Deutsche Mark in twenty minutes, our heroines have to get to their own gig on time. We’re not clear on what happens if they don’t, but there’s plenty of excitement — and running — along the way.

Gnod - Breaking The Hex Cosmic cult kraut-rocking collective from Salford. They don’t do things by halves — with 20-plus releases since forming in 2007 and up to 16 people playing at once — so we’re very much looking forward to using what kind of crazy stunts they’ll be pulling at next weekend’s bong-tastic Raw Power psychedelic soiree in London.

Red House Glory - So Easy It’s early days for this London four-piece but the signs are promising. It’s supremely hummable, stompabout stuff that certainly stitches the best bits of 80s grunge and 90s Britrock together - and if you like this, see ‘em live next week at the Camden Rocks weekender.

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