Classic Rock's Tracks Of The Week

The Classic Rock biscuit tin might be empty at present, but at least we’re not short on rock’n’roll treats. Dive headfirst into the bank holiday weekend with this spread of new selections from rock’s great cupboard. Because rock never runs out of biscuits…

Van HalenHot For Teacher

This week Van Halen released Tokyo Dome Live In Concert. They also played a scorching show on (US talk show) Jimmy Kimmel Live, including this blistering blast through Hot For Teacher. Wondering why David Lee Roth has tape across his nose? The poor bloke bashed himself during a particularly enthusiastic mic stand swing… Not that this hindered them, mind you – Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang simply jammed while Roth got himself bandaged up, before returning for their seven-song set. “I got it baaaad, sooo baaaaad!” Pure riffy bliss.

Paul Weller - Saturn’s Pattern

The Modfather is back, with a really rather cool track taken from his forthcoming new album (of the same title) out on May 18. Bit of Style Council here, bit of ELO-esque bounce there, infectious beats everywhere… If this is what Saturn sounds like, we want to hi-jack Sarah Brightman’s bonkers space mission and head straight there.

The Riptide MovementYou And I

For previous single All Works Out, the Irish rockers set their video in a psychiatric hospital. This time, they’ve acquired nice new suits, a cool new pad and an army of yellow feathers hellbent on chasing them. The trials of being up-and-coming hot stuff, eh? Still, this is lovely and warming, so give it a spin.

Faith No MoreSuperhero

Mike Patton and co continue to tantalise us in the run-up to the release of their new album Sol Invictus. Brutal, brooding and wonderfully intense – yet more-ish – Superhero offers further delectable promise of great things to come. Roll on May!

RazerBlood For Blood

Just look at that badass typeface, and feel that heat! Metallic hard rockers Razer hail from the scorching land of Phoenix, Arizona and are literally on fire. Well, we say ‘literally’, we obviously don’t mean that. But this is a blistering motherfucker.

BanditosStill Sober (After All These Beers)

Taken from the Alabama sextet’s forthcoming self-titled debut – due out May 12. Sure to put a spring in your step, this blends strains of Southern rock boogie, hint of bluesy 60s acid rock, touch of 50s rock’n’roll… Different delicious ingredients in one satisfying, hip-shaking cake. We sense the ‘still sober’ bit may be a lie. Or maybe they can just really hold their booze. Either way, this is most fun.

FFSPiss Off

Some new jolly pop silliness from the collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks. April Fool? Kooky fun? Bit mental? Have a laugh deciding. It boasts easily the friendliest “piss off” commands we’ve heard in ages. Altogether now: “tell everybody to piss off, toniiiight…”

TurbowolfNine Lives

Heady alt rock from swingin’ Bristol, packed with a woozy mesh of punk and psychedelic sensibilities. Not to mention a fittingly trippy video (our head’s still spinning quite a bit). All stemming from their second LP Two Hands – a vibrant yet pleasingly cocksure statement of intent from this eclectic posse. Nice.

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