Classic Rock 223: The New Issue!

Angus Young, AC/DC

Guaranteed, the minute this issue hits the presses it’ll all have changed. But them’s the breaks!

As seems fitting the way 2016 is shaping up, it’s been quite the month in the world of rock. We finished the previous issue just as the shocking news broke that Brian Johnson had been forced to retire from the road with AC/DC due to issues with his hearing. We’re not sure what was more surprising, the notion that Jonno was having to call it a day with AC/DC or the fact that it seemed that Angus Young was going to carry on and fulfil the band’s dates (in the US at least) with a ‘guest vocalist’.

Knowing we had the big AC/DC UK shows in the offing (ones that we had already surmised may be their last – even ahead of the Johnson announcement), we’d planned something a little extra-special for this month’s issue. We wanted to look back at the brilliant career of AC/DC by taking an in-depth look at them album-by-album (the amazing, the world-changing, the good, the bad and the, er, ugly). And that is why you hold in your hand a spectacular, high-definition, too-much-tech-to-try-to-explain 3D lenticular collector’s cover celebrating the world’s greatest rock’n’roll band.

Then the rumours about AXL/DC began…

Siân Llewellyn, Editor

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