Cattle Metal: Accept Talk Blind Rage

Showing no signs of losing momentum after widely praised albums Blood Of The Nations and Stalingrad, German metal royalty Accept are gearing up to unleash Blind Rage, their third triumphant album since reuniting and recruiting new vocalist Mark Tornillo back in 2009.

Although the band’s career stretches back to 1976, the thrill of creating music drives them as much today as it ever did.

“It’s still quite magical to see a song take shape out of nothing,” says guitarist Wolf Hoffman. “You have an idea in your head, and sometimes it turns even better than you’d hoped for. I have a feeling that the songs on Blind Rage turned out pretty damn close to what we wanted.”

Once again created alongside renowned producer and lifelong Accept fan Andy Sneap, the new album contains all the hallmarks of the band’s immortal blueprint and impressive current run, from the thrust of first single Stampede to the regal pomp of the title track – the latter being a song destined to stir the hearts of sentimental metalheads everywhere.

“We’re talking about a lot of war as we always have, but we did make an effort on this album to let the blood and guts stuff rest for a while,” explains Wolf. “Dying Breed has a lot of references to the metal anthems that we grew up with. The last of the dying breed to us are the first generation of metal musicians that influenced us such as Deep Purple and Dio. They’re not going to be around forever and some of them are already gone. That song is a salute to our heroes, because they shaped us and became the soundtrack of our lives.”

Blind Rage is out now via Nuclear Blast

Adam Brennan

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