Brainstorm: Enchant's Doug Ott

This month we needle Enchant’s Doug Ott

Q1 Enchant formed from the ashes of the band Mae Dae. From which language does the distress call ‘Mayday’ originate?

DOUG OTT: I don’t know, but we were trying to make ours a play on Latin.

A: It comes from the French for ‘m’aidez’ or ‘help me’!

Q2 You released debut album A Blueprint Of The World in 1993. What major guitarist guested on it?

DO: Steve Rothery. We call him ‘The Compiler’, because of the way he edits everything down to the best takes.

A: The Compiler it was!

Q3 Your former drummer Paul Craddick joined Rothery in the band The Wishing Tree, can you name their 2009 album?

DO: [Point blank] No.

A: Ostara.

Q4 In ‘95 you contributed a song to a Genesis tribute album. Which song was it and what was the album called?

DO: The song was Man Of Our Times – my favourite Genesis track – and the album was Supper’s Ready.

A: Correct.

Q5 Apart from Spock’s Beard, can you name any two other bands Enchant vocalist Ted Leonard has been associated with?

DO: Affector and Thought Chamber.

A: Correct.

Q6 ‘Hearts can change just like the wind, So it’s best to keep them safe beneath the table’ – lyrics from which Enchant song on which album?

DO: Oof! I can hear Teddy singing it. [Long, tortured thinking] No, can’t remember the song.

A: Blind Sided, from 1997’s Time Lost.

DO: Ah, there you go.

Q7 Can you name the two guest bassists on your 1998 album Break?

DO: Bob Madsen was one and… no.

A: And Tony Mariano.

Q8 Your concert album Live At Last was recorded at which venue and on which date?

DO: It was at I-Musicast, in Oakland California in March 2004.

A: Correct.

Q9 Your last album, 2003’s Tug Of War features a bonus track. Can you name it and at which event you recorded it?

DO: Was it Below Zero, recorded at… CALProg?

A: Right song, but recorded at NEARFest, in New Jersey.

Q10 Do you know which three animals are mentioned in Circles, the opening track of your new album The Great Divide?

DO: I hope so, ’cos I wrote the lyrics! Snake, dog and a rat.

A: Correct!

General Prog_ _

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Q11 Can you name Spock’s Beard’s keyboard player, and the city he’s from?

DO: Ryo Okumoto. Is he from Tokyo?

A: Ryo’s from Osaka.

Q12 And who connects Spock’s with the late Kevin Gilbert?

DO: Nick D’Virgilio. He’s played with Spock’s and Kevin. He did a lot of shows with Kevin, they were great friends.

A: Correct.

Q13 Can you name the original line-up of Rush?

DO: Yes – Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey.

A: Correct.

Q14 For which prog supergroup has Saga’s Ian Crichton played session guitar?

DO: Ooh I don’t know, and I want to because I’m a big fan.

A: It was Asia, notably on the Aura album.

DO: Really? I have that album. I’ll have a listen again.

Q15 Can you name the b-side to Marillion’s hit single Kayleigh?

DO: [Groans, thinks, weighs options] No.

A: Lady Nina.

Q16 Influential power-pop band Jellyfish released two albums on which classic, prog-friendly imprint?

DO: [Groaning, clearly suffering] Island?

A: It was Charisma.

Q17 Which was Yes’ first album to not feature Jon Anderson, and which year did it come out?

DO: I believe it was Drama, in nineteen… eighty?

A: Yes!

Q18 ‘Sleeping at night in a plaster board box, scratching the earth with the nails on my fingers.’ The opening line of which Todd Rundgren song, and from which album?

DO: That’ll be Bread from Hermit Of Mink Hollow. I used to play it all the time.

A: Correct!

Q19 Can you name Steven Wilson’s first solo album?

DO: [Immediately] I cannot.

A: Insurgentes.

Q20 Which Genesis album celebrates its 40th birthday this November?

DO: [Desperate laughter] Trespass? Trick Of The Tail? Selling England By The Pound?!

A: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.


“Oh gosh! I could probably do better if I had some more sleep. We played last night and I’ve only just woken up!”

Grant Moon

A music journalist for over 20 years, Grant writes regularly for titles including Prog, Classic Rock and Total Guitar, and his CV also includes stints as a radio producer/presenter and podcast host. His first book, 'Big Big Train - Between The Lines', is out now through Kingmaker Publishing.