Bloodstock 2014: Entombed AD, Abhorrent Decimation and Primordial

Despite the threat of rain, the sky is ablaze with sunshine as the first bands kick off Bloodstock 2014.

Creating mild confusion with their newly adopted ‘anno domini’ suffix Entombed AD are no strangers to Bloodstock, representing the old school set with the gravitas and the humility of a band that earned their stripes back in the early 90s. Despite the early risers being fully aware of the Swede’s worthy contribution to metal’s history the fact is Emtombed AD deserve a later slot to reap the benefits of LG Petrov’s foghorn voice stretching far beyond the barriers of the arena. As always, Left Hand Path, in all its doom, gloom and glory is the star of the set, rousing a colossal applause and reminding us all why this band still matter. (810) (HW)

The death metal hordes are out in force for Abhorrent Decimation and it’s not hard to see why. This band have all the brutality and technical prowess required to make music this extreme detonate with maximum impact, but what they have that many of their peers don’t is memorable songs underpinned by huge grooves and an infectious sense of momentum. New song Echoes Of The Vortex suggests that the Londoners’ full-length debut will be one of 2015’s must-have death metal record. Meanwhile, they have enough charisma to make their moment in the Bloodstock spotlight count and they leave the stage with a great number of new fans roaring their approval. Fucking brilliant, basically. (810) (DL)

Alan Averill is an example in how to be an extreme metal frontman. Corpsepainted up and stalking the stage, all eyes on him are throughout Primordial’s set as he stares down every member of the audience with a cold intensity that sends shivers down the spine. After the unfortunate incident of him losing his voice the last time Primordial played Bloodstock in 2011, tensions runs high as they take to the stage at lunchtime on Friday afternoon. Though the glowing sun isn’t the best fit with their dark, celtic tones, they more than make up for that fateful 2011 set with with a greatest hits playlist that is nothing less than captivating. (710) (HMK)