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Machine Head

Surely by now you’ll be aware that the mighty Machine Head are on the cover of Metal Hammer’s end of year special. In which, as well as our epic round-up of 2017 (with exclusive interviews and our Top 100 Albums Of 2017 list), we sit down with Machine Head’s fearless leader Robb Flynn to talk about the band’s new album Catharsis and why he has had enough of the world’s bullshit.

Alongside these fine words, written by Machine Head superfan Dom Lawson, is a kickass photoshoot, featuring two sides of Robb – one of which is screaming a little bit louder than the other. But how did it come together?

“For this cover we got to work with Steve Brown, who has shot many covers for us in the past,” says Metal Hammer Art Editor Lewis Somerscales. “I had seen one of his personal projects from a few months previous, and when the plan for the Robb Flynn cover started coming together, it was something I really wanted to do. I’ve worked with Robb in the past on other projects, and fortunately he’s one of those guys who really gets an idea, and delivers every time.

“The initial idea was to play on the Catharsis album title, the idea that Robb was releasing rage in some way without making it too obvious,” Lewis continues. “We shot this all in a studio in London using clever camera tricks with flash and long exposure rather than being overdone in Photoshop. This meant that a very patient Robb had to repeat certain movements until we go the exact shot we needed.”

Check out the exclusive behind the scenes gallery below to get a glimpse behind the curtain.

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And here’s the finished cover!

You can read our exclusive interview with Robb Flynn in the latest issue of Metal Hammer – in stores now. Buy it directly here or become a TeamRock+ member to read it right now.

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