Beastwars premiere new album The Death Of All Things

Beastwars promo photo 2016

New Zealand sludgelords Beastwars are streaming their new album The Death Of All Things exclusively with Metal Hammer.

To give you a deeper sense of understanding of the album, vocalist Matt Hyde and drummer Nathan Hickey have written a little track by track guide!

Call To The Mountain

Matt Hyde: “We are a species hurtling through space on our rock of a spaceship called Earth. In cities all around the world, our main task seems to be commuting to and from places we might not want to go, it’s a daily madness. If only for a moment, the person longs to return to the mountain of his youth away from the maddening crowd.”

The Devils Of Last Night

Nathan Hickey: “Musically, this song is a throwback to the grunge days of my youth. The quiet/loud structure is something that, although we’re three albums in, we haven’t experimented with too much. The outro section took us a while to get into the right shape but feels so good to nail live.”

Some Sell Their Souls

Matt: “It’s sung from the perspective of a singer from a small suburban church, and his journey and departure from what he had been conditioned to believe. He leaves these ideas behind and moves onwards, but darkness and light still play in his memories. He longs to be free.”


Matt: “This song belongs to an evening, a party. My mind’s eye seems to be telling me that the guests are performing incantations and I fall for the temptation. Whatever the consequences.”

Black Days

Matt: “It’s about living your days fuelled by narcotics and alcohol. There is price to pay and it will weigh heavy on your soul.”

Holy Man

Matt: “The eternal battle with darkness and light, the search to be a better person. Even when we fail we must try again.”


Nathan: “This is a song that Clayton bought to the band and we all really loved the Hendrix verse. It sounded so far away from anything we’d done in the past, then the heavy psych middle section kicks in and moves us from the ‘60s to a Verve inspired jam.”

The Devil Took Her

Matt: “Jealousy and anger can push anyone you love away from you.”

The Death Of All Things

Nathan: “It’s fitting that this song is the last song our the record. We made this album thinking that it would possibly be out last. Who knows if it will be or not? This is probably the first song that we’ve all contributed to songwriting-wise in our eight year history. There is a sense of triumph and optimism in this song.”

The Death Of All Things is out April 22 and is available to order now.

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