Avant-metal adventurers Vulture Industries stream their new album in full

Vulture Industries promo pic 2017, by Jarle H Moe
(Image credit: Jarle H Moe)

Some people try to make sense of a world that’s rapidly losing its bearings, others, like Bergen, Norway’s Vulture Industries, decide instead to make art. Gearing up to ride out from the dark Satanic mill that is Season Of Mist Records on September 22, the the band’s forthcoming fourth album, Stranger Times, isn’t a direct political statement so much as an allegorical and sprawling, luxuriously immersive world all of its own, tuned into all the absurdism, vainglorious grandeur, and last-days decadence of our modern age, but making it a timeless, subtly devastating ode to civilisation’s decline.

Stranger Times, for all Vulture Industries’ characteristically carnivalesque sound, is the band’s most expansive and elegantly album poignant album yet, and we’re streaming it in full endtimes-embracing glory.

”So…. after four years of infancy, our baby is now all grown up and ready to face the world,” says frontman Bjørnar Nilsen of the album. “We hope that everyone will be nice to our youngest, as it is very precious to us. It is a tender, delicate thing, but can also be full of rage and prone to sudden changes in temper and emotion. We have tried to raise it as a nice and positive child full of positivity and hope for the future. Alas it turned out predisposed to gloomy moods, but at the bottom we promise it is good. Therefore, it is important you keep an open mind, and get to know it properly before brushing it off as a weirdo.”

So without further ado, get out your Good Parenting Guide, and an opium pipe, step into Stranger Times’ stream of visionary, wracked wonder below, and stumble out the other side for upcoming tour dates too!

Pre-order Stranger Times here, check out their Facebook page here, and scroll down for their upcoming UK tour dates with avant-black metallers !

November 9: LONDON Boston Music Room

November 10: MANCHESTER Tiger Lounge

November 11: GLASGOW Audio

Jonathan Selzer

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