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Having progressed from playing the University Of London Union to the Mean Fiddler, to the Astoria and Hammersmith Odeon before reaching Wembley, it’s been a slow but steady climb for Alter Bridge. As the Florida band prepare for a Special Guest spot below Aerosmith at the Download Festival, guitarist Mark Tremonti hopes that bigger things are still to come.

Was playing London’s O2 Arena on Alter Bridge’s most recent UK tour a step into the really big league?

It was an amazing, unbelievable moment. I might even say that show was the highlight of our career to date. We were honoured and humbled to be there.

This year is second time the band have been Special Guests of Aerosmith on the Main Stage at Download. That must be exciting?

Especially with it being billed as Aerosmith’s last UK performance. It will be quite sad but also extremely thrilling.

Is it realistic to think Alter Bridge could someday headline Download?

That would be our dream come true. The biggest thing that this band could accomplish. After headlining The O2, it would be that next big step for us. I’d love to think that we could do it.

At home in the US it’s a tougher proposition for you?

It did start out much slower, but things have grown a lot of over the last few record cycles. I’m happy to say that we don’t have to go to Europe to play a tour any more. Now we can play just about anywhere.

Once the summer festivals are out of the way, what does the future hold for the band?

I’m writing the next album for my band Tremonti, and that’ll take until the end of the year. Myles is also doing his solo album, tht’s long-awaited – I think it’s about eight years overdue [laughs].

Has he played you any songs for it?

From what I’ve heard it’s less of an Alter Bridge-sounding rock’n’roll record and more in the vein of Chris Whitley and Jeff Buckley – both of whom are huge influences on Myles.

Alter Bridge play Download on June 11.

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