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Different Light band shot

From Malta to the Czech Republic, Different Light have certainly had a peripatetic career so far. One that started over two decades ago, as vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Trevor Tabone explains.

“It all started in the early 90s, when I helped to form a band in Malta which played mostly covers. But by 1995 I had written quite a bit of material, so I formed Different Light and we released our first album, All About Yourself, in June 1996. My initial influence was Supertramp; more specifically Roger Hodgson, which then led on to other bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd and Marillion.”

Different Light stood out on the Maltese scene, where prog wasn’t overly popular and by the end of the 90s, they’d split up. A decade later, Tabone, now based in Prague, decided it was time to form a new version.

Ironically, the prog scene in Malta has actually picked up quite a bit now.

“I never stopped writing material,” he says, and at the end of 2009, the new line-up released Icons That Weep. Says Tabone, “The level of musicianship in the band is definitely better than in the earlier period, and experience has also improved my songwriting.”

Sadly, the prog scene in the Czech Republic isn’t much bigger than in Malta. Says the musician, “I can’t really name any prog bands here that have had an impact. Ironically, from what I can gather, the prog scene in Malta has actually picked up quite a bit now.”

But new album The Burden Of Paradise suggests Different Light are overcoming any indigenous problems, and making an international impact.

“We’ve sold a lot of CDs in over 25 countries so far. The reaction from people who’ve heard the album has been almost humbling. To say we’re pleased is an understatement!

“I write almost all the band’s material, [but] without the expert playing, ideas and arranging of the rest of the band [bassist Jirka Matoušek, drummer Petr Matoušek and guitarist Petr Lux], Different Light wouldn’t be what it is today. We probably wouldn’t even exist!”

Now, the band are plotting their next album, and Rabone has a strong view on where this will take them.

“The next one is going to be more conceptual with darker themes, but then you never know how the finished product
will sound!”

Visit the band’s website for more.

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