7 Rock Stars Falling Over

The Brit Awards 2015 (February 25) was notable for two things: Royal Blood winning ‘Best British Group’ (well done) and Madonna spectacularly stacking it down some stairs during the ceremony’s grand finale. It got us thinking, which rock stars have hurt themselves – and their pride – in the line of duty? Let’s have a look, then…

**Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters **Only a few weeks ago, the Foo Fighters frontman took a tumble during their show in São Paulo. Didn’t miss a note, though. What a trouper.

**Steven Tyler, Aerosmith **The Aerosmith frontman displays some nimble footwork, follows it up with a cheeky spin and… boom! Off the stage and onto the floor. Textbook. Lovely.

**Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses **Gravity 1 Axl 0.

Scott Weiland Keep your eyes peeled at around the 1:25 second mark, where Weiland plummets to the ground during an impassioned version of_ Crackerman_. We’re guessing he had to buy a new loud hailer the next morning. Those things do not like being dropped in front of large audiences.

**Bono, U2 **If you’re going to wear sunglasses and walk backwards in a darkened room, you’re going to go down like a sack of smug spanners.

Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low In this clip, the Essex-born frontman manages to headbutt an overhead speaker before crashing off the stage during this song from their 2007 album, So Wrong, It’s Right. A spectacular display of multi-tasking, there.

Calum Hood, 5 Seconds Of Summer Just because.

Simon Young

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