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XII Boar: Pitworthy

Whisky-soaked Southern metal from the swamps of Hampshire

XII Boar have racked up an impressive catalogue of support gigs, opening for Corrosion Of Conformity and Crowbar, and their debut full-length proves they were worthy of these feats.

Pitworthy gives you everything you want from a metal album, charged with a loud, raw energy that can rarely be captured in a recording studio.

Their energetic mix of hardcore punk growls, thrashing beats and Southern grooves makes for a sludgy treat. They expertly juxtapose Sabbath-like doom with crunching basslines and catchy hooks, taking cues from Lemmy’s smoke-drenched snarls for a heavy-as-hell experience.

The record skips from the 70s-styled sonic riffs of The Schaeffer Boogie to the hefty title track and seamlessly shifts to the instrumental Crawdaddy Blues, that fits right in with their furiously booty-shaking blend of headbanging heavy metal.

These Hampshire boys are preparing to fuck shit up. They will succeed./o:p