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Wig Wam: Wall Street

Hair-metallers dumb it down – to brilliant effect.

Have Norway’s retro hair metalistas Wig Wam entered their long-awaited Warrant phase? One can only hope so, and judging by the album cover and title track of Wall Street, here is their Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.

It’s catchy, slick, funny and above all, gloriously, deliberately, sensationally dumb. Wig Wam brilliantly inhabit the sensibilities of the era they ape.

The entendres are not so much double as unavoidable (‘Everything has got to be king size’ goes The Bigger The Better), the riffs lurch between nudge-and-a-wink GN’R pastiches (OMG - Wish I Had A Gun)and Bret Michaels’s bathetic balladry (Tides Will Turn), and the performances are as excessive as an attention-seeking bottom-of-the-bill outfit on a Tuesday night at the Cathouse.

Not Steel Panther, but also not guileless enough to ignore the genre conventions they’re celebrating, with Wall Street, Wig Wam walk a fine line in extremely high heels.