Whores – Gold album review

Barbed and caustic noise rockers Whores reveal new album

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For their large label debut, Atlanta’s Whores. seek to build on the wanton brutality of EPs 2011’s Ruiner and 2013’s Clean, breaking free from the cluttered playing field of ear-bleeding noise rock extremists.

Clean’s scuzzy riffage and a bowel-shaking low end drew comparisons to Melvins while still inviting punks and stoners onboard. Gold takes their sound much further, with sharp, purposeful structures and a tightly harnessed aggression playing out in piledriving tempos and riffs, as heard in chest-pounding belters like Of Course You Do and I See You Also Wearing A Black Shirt. Such titles underscore Whores.’ zero-fucks irreverence, calling to mind the misanthropic playfulness of Pissed Jeans. The band stay largely within the lines on their debut, and the tighter focus, ambitious songwriting and speaker-blowing production cast Gold as a ferocious and exhilarating intro to the big leagues.