Whitesnake: Made In Japan

Coverdale proves the old school rules.

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The title of this album is a little provocative, but then David Coverdale has never been backwards at coming forwards, and perhaps he felt it was time to remind the world that there has been more to his career than its pivotal spell in the sun.

A year after Deep Purple issued Made In Japan, David Coverdale, shop assistant from Redcar, was their singer, and from then until now, that superlative rock’n’roll voice has endured. He has dressed it with a man-for-all-markets public persona – fruity double entendres for his Carry On-loving homeland, Mills & Boon Lord of the Manor for the Americans – but there’s a deep sense of craftsmanship when you hear him sing.

An old-school live album like this one, drum solo and all, is a fine showcase. In his latter period, what Coverdale doesn’t do is as important as what he does. With the light and shade in his voice, a set that builds to the hits and a fiery band playing extremely well, you’ll find yourself doffing your cap to the old rogue once more. He’s still got it.