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Welshly Arms - No Place Is Home album review

Radio-friendly pop-rock with the charts in its sights from Welshy Arms

Welshy Arms - No Place Is Home
Welshly Arms - No Place Is Home

Welshly Arms - Ni Place Is Home

1. All The Way Up
2. Indestructible
3. Sanctuary
4. How High
5. All For Us
6. Down To The River
7. Locked
8. Hammer
9. Legendary
10. X
11. Wild
12. Love Of The Game
13. Unspoken

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Right from the opening All The Way Up, which somehow combines spaghetti-western soundtrack music, indie, blues, pop and gospel, you can tell that Welshly Arms are something special. 

The Cleveland-based sextet have had their music featured in TV promos and movie trailers and are supporting Thirty Seconds To Mars this summer, so it’s a given that they are radio-friendly. 

From the breezy, clap-along Indestructible to the shimmering beats of All For Us, the glorious and uplifting Sanctuary and the R&B-style grooves of Locked, Welshly Arms sound like mega-mainstream chart-toppers. 

They’ve got the huge choruses, and also oodles of innovation, and the gospel elements give them a particular edge. 

Similarly to the Black Keys, Welshly Arms’ rousing, radio-friendly pop-rock has the potential to blow up.