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Welcome Back Delta - Sucker album review

Stoner rockers Welcome Back Delta come straight outta the Cotswolds

Welcome Back Delta Sucker album cover

Whenever they venture out from the underbelly of their native Cheltenham, this stoner/hard rock quartet have been building a reputation, touring with the likes of Clutch, Karma To Burn and Nick Oliveri. Sucker is their second album and while their inexhaustible supply of riffs are scarcely original, they’re played with panache. The band are well-honed and the singer’s voice has a commanding presence.

After a while the relentless one-dimensional pace can become wearying, although they have several tricks up their sleeve to deal with it. The only time they deliberately drop the pace, for the reflective The Magic Of Flight, the singer finds it hard to cope. They’ll need to work on that.

Meet Welcome Back Delta: the Essex boys specialising in smut and swamp rock