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Warrant: Rockaholic

LA hair-rockers pass another Jani-less trial.

After engaging Jaime St James of Black ’n Blue on microphone duties for the surprisingly enjoyable Born Again album in 2006, two years later Warrant offered original singer Jani Lane one last chance. The embarrassment that followed was such that all ties were immediately and permanently severed. Given that the increasingly self-destructive frontman had penned all of their biggest hits, this represented a sizeable gamble.

The recruitment of Robert Mason, whose work with Lynch Mob and Cry Of Love was exceptional, appeared to present Warrant with a fighting chance.

And sure enough, Rockaholic offers a swift and powerful rebuke to the ‘no Jani, no Warrant’ brigade. Stylistically speaking, the combination of its mature arrangements and Mason’s voice encourages comparisons to Lynch Mob, but the songs drip with quality.

And unlike so many records created in garages, a top-quality production by Keith Olson (Whitesnake, Scorpions, Ozzy) adds a vital touch of class. Don’t miss them at the Firefest.