Walter Trout - We’re All In This Together album review

The best Blues you can get this month

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Historically, the ‘all-star’ album is a turd dusted in glitter, more a triumph of synchronised diaries than songcraft. On softwareuiphraseguid=“9acc89a9-b041-4873-8eda-c75da8ff6e87”>We’re All In This Together, Walter Trout has a bolder plan. The bluesman might roll out the big guns – Mayall, Bonamassa, Shepherd, Landreth – but by writing an original song for each, he has created an album with personality and soul, that you’ll still be listening to when that Hollywood Vampires CD is being used as a budgie mirror.

On the album’s 14 tracks, Trout identifies each guest’s comfort zone then nudges them a little beyond. Kenny Wayne Shepherd is at his red line on the stinging stone-blues softwareuiphraseguid=“2b44861b-f8f0-4ccd-939f-eb43a35d2405”>Gonna Hurt Like Hell. Sonny Landreth is palpably pushing himself on the 50s Americana of softwareuiphraseguid=“73a5f829-8813-403d-a768-fc24f3b21f68”>Ain’t Goin’ Back. Blues For Jimmy T is earthy and poignant, Trout saluting his late bass player over John Mayall’s lusty harp, while Mike Zito gets the best moment, on country-pop strum She Listens To The Blackbird Sing.

This album is the sound of pure camaraderie. And it’s a joy.