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Voodoo Six: Songs To Invade Countries To

Decent fourth album from Iron Maiden support.

Continuing the recent good‐time tide of 21st‐century classic rock – in the retro‐meets‐modern vein of Tracer, Black Spiders, The Treatment and others – London’s Voodoo Six come bearing a hard, dusty‐desert‐driving dose of crunch’n’rock.

Passion and technical proficiency isn’t lacking. Impressive solos and cool off‐beat rhythms kick out in the joyful, dirty likes of Your Way. Luke Purdie growls and roars like Chris Cornell hitting the wine, adding to the rugged but rich sound they purvey. Poets they are not – ships go down, you ‘sink or swim’, things are ‘written on your skin’ which ‘pull you from within’… Not that lyrical fireworks are crucial, but when venomous, fuzzed riffs start to wander, it becomes slightly heavy handed in places.

There’s little doubt watching Voodoo Six live will always be a happy prospect, and maybe that’s the difficulty here – the whole atmosphere just cries out for a live space.

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