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Vega's Anarchy And Unity: melodic rock sharpened with a contemporary edge

Vega’s lucky seventh album Anarchy And Unity might be the band's best collection yet

Vega: Anarchy And Unity cover art
(Image: © Frontiers)

Vega’s way with a tune is such that James (keyboards) and Tom (bass) Martin have written material for labelmates Joe Lynn Turner and Danny Vaughn. Joe Elliott gave Vega a nod of approval, adding backing vocals to their cover of Def Leppard’s 10X Bigger Than Love, and like Def Leppard they’ve sharpened their melodic rock with a contemporary edge. 

Unable to tour last year’s Grit Your Teeth, they used pandemic-enforced downtime to bring in new members Billy Taylor (guitar) and Pete Newdeck (drums), and to channel their pent-up energies into Anarchy And Unity’s notably consistent collection of songs. 

Their ability to set rousing choruses amid bare-knuckle riffs and clichéfree arrangements is amply demonstrated, and modern production flourishes (End Of The Fade, Beautiful Lie) balance more traditional moments (Kneel To You, Had Enough). 

Peppered with lung-busting vocal performances from Nick Workman, shredding solos and ear-catching guitar harmonies, Anarchy might be Vega’s strongest album yet.