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Unleash The Archers let battle commence on epic new album Abyss

Power metallers Unleash The Archers finally hit the bullseye on new album Abyss

(Image: © Napalm)

Unleash The Archers have always excelled live, but thanks to their stadium production, snackable melodies and Brittney Slayes’ inimitable vocal force they’ve made a solid transition into high-end metal on record. 2017’s Apex was hot with shredding, feeding into the cynic’s belief that power metal is all style and no substance, but their fifth full-length is an album that makes you go, “Damn, they’ve grown up!” Legacy, a spiralling mix of Deafheaven, Dragonforce and Devin Townsend, is their career’s centrepiece. Other strikes of classic brigade-leading choruses and major to minor earworms like Return To Me or the cinematic The Wind That Shapes The Land have unleashed the whole army.View Deal