UFO - The Salentino Cuts album review


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This is an odd one. UFO have recorded cover versions in the past (Eddie Cochran’s C’mon Everybody and Love’s Alone Again Or spring to mind), but a whole album’s worth of them will likely test the patience of even the most fervent UFO fan.

The song choices are intriguing – The Doors’ Break On Through and Montrose’s Rock Candy are the pick of an eclectic bunch - but the execution all too often is not; bizarrely, singer Phil Mogg’s vocals are so up-front in the mix as to be mildly off-putting. The one bright spot is that It’s My Life is the song recorded by The Animals, not a different one by Bon Jovi. (UFO play Bon Jovi? Puh-lease!) So if you find an unidentified flying object heading your way, you better duck. It could well be a copy of this CD.