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Twisted Sister film review – We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!

Men dressed as women (i.e. Twisted Sister) triumph over the suits – eventually!

Twisted Sister

If you knew that your band had what it took to be stars but the industry treated you worse than lepers, could you handle the rejection? Twisted Sister managed it for 10 years, playing four sets a night, six nights a week in the clubs.

Here is the story of a group that refused to give in against the odds. Sure, the gruelling hardship took its toll but somehow, with the help of the UK, the New Yorkers proved their doubters wrong, riding the MTV wave to become one of the biggest sellers of the mid-80s.

Their tale goes right down to the wire as they borrow $22,000 to fly to the UK for one last throw of the dice to appear on Friday night TV pop show The Tube, where Lemmy guests with them. The movie’s moral is to believe in yourself regardless of what anyone tells you, but it wraps just as the real take-off begins, something that could be a little forbidding if all you know about TS is We’re Not Gonna Take It.