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Twin Atlantic: Free

The new Biffy Clyro? Wait, come back...

The success of Biffy Clyro has apparently sparked a resurgence in Scotland’s rock scene. As well as sharing a broad geographical location and fondness for unsightly facial hair, Glasgow’s Twin Atlantic serve up the same combination of roof-lifting alt-rock anthems and unrepentantly Caledonian delivery as their X Factor-bothering countrymen.

With Pixies/Foo Fighters producer Gil Norton rubber-stamping their credentials, their second album finds the foursome leaping between abrasive noise (The Ghost Of Eddie), crashing, 21st-century boogie (Dreamember) and sparse, string-assisted regret (Crash Land).

Frontman Sam McTrusty admirably refuses to water-down his broad brogue, though it’s a pity they didn’t do the same with some of their more smart-arse song titles (Yes, I Was Drunk and Serious Underground Dance Vibes among them). A minor blip on an otherwise impressive record.