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Trouble: The Distortion Field

Chicago’s doom originals regain their footing once more

Alongside Candlemass, Saint Vitus and Pentagram, Trouble are one of doom metal’s cornerstones, and like their contemporaries, the Chicago veterans endured much apathy before the wider world woke up to their genius.

Following the peak of their success with 1992’s Manic Frustration, tough times returned. The departure of vocalist Eric Wagner seems to have broken the log-jam, and with replacement Kyle Thomas comes a much-needed reboot. Thomas gives his all in an impassioned performance that graces some of the best tunes Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell have written in ages.

Although touted as a return to their roots, The Distortion Field echoes Trouble down the ages, from the leaden gloom of their early days right through to the groove and psychedelia of Manic Frustration. Trouble gone got their mojo back.