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Triggerfinger - Colossus album review

Wide-ranging rock hedonism from Antwerp’s well-travelled reprobates

Triggerfinger have spent 20 years supporting hard rock heavyweights from the Stones to Muse to Clutch, but have yet to engage wider audiences. With Colossus, they’ve chucked it all out the window and gone for broke. 2014’s By Absence Of The Sun balanced a fuzzed-out moodiness with gothic undertones, and if it represented the spiralling comedown after a night on the town, then Colossus travels back in time to the chaotic, sweat-drenched hours spinning in the centre of the madness. Flesh Tight and Bring Me Back A Live Wild One pulsate with muscular swagger, while tracks like Steady Me showcase a new appetite for electronica-fuelled experimentalism. Diverse and danceable as hell, Colossus radiates a seductive sense of danger and a snotty punk rock ethos. In throwing out their own rulebook, Triggerfinger have found their sound.