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Todd Rundgren: At The BBC 1972-1982

Genius at work: four disc collation of BBC years.

That Todd Rundgren should have been the pre-eminent superstar of 70s rock, is for fans, a self-evident truth. Why he wasn’t is made a little clearer by this fascinating compilation.

If Radio One In Concert shows from 1972 and 1975 splice oddball diversions (a 10-minute Piss Aaron) with avant-pop genius (Hello It’s Me, a scorching Open My Eyes), a Utopia set from 1977 is utterly bonkers, topped off with a Tap-esque 30-minute Singring And The Glass Guitar.

Fans will relish a bonus DVD featuring beautifully restored TV appearances by Utopia from The Old Grey Whistle Test from 1975 and ‘78, but best of all is a solo performance from 1982 where a velvet-jacketed Todd introduces a final A Dream Goes On Forever with the words: “And now… the benediction”. Cosmic piano pop just doesn’t get any better./o:p

Paul Moody is a writer whose work has appeared in the Classic Rock, NME, Time Out, Uncut, Arena and the Guardian. He is the co-author of The Search for the Perfect Pub and The Rough Pub Guide.