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Therapy?: Cleave album review

Therapy?'s Cairns, McKeegan and Cooper live to destroy another day

Therapy? - Redemption
Therapy? - Cleave

Therapy? Cleave cover

1. Wreck It Like Beckett
2. Kakistocracy
3. Callow
4. Expelled
5. Success? Success Is Survival
6. Save Me From The Ordinary
7. Crutch
8. I Stand Alone
9. Dumbdown
10. No Sunshine

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It sure gladdens the heart to hear Therapy? cranking up the amps and spitting out defiance once again. 

Cleave is their fifteenth studio album, but Andy Cairns and co. sound no less angry, no less ready to dissect and dissemble the misanthropic side of humanity, to find solace in community, in togetherness. Bruising, melodic, rigorous; music for murky imaginings. 

Wreck It Like Beckett powers out a message of positive nihilism; first single Callow ricochets hope among the turbulence; Save Me From The Ordinary cranks up the metallic KO and melodic frustration. Drums thunder and crash, guitar bites insurrection. 

On Cleave, 10 tracks come together to roar out yet one more fuck you to a mendacious and disjointed outer world, a carnival of bloated animals. 

‘No sunshine’ howls Cairns on the final track, but there is always hope where Therapy? are concerned, always another way of being