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The Pearl Harts - Glitter And Spit album review

Riot girls finally pull the trigger

Cover art for The Pearl Harts - Glitter And Spit album

The London duo’s debut was due three years ago, and it’s hard to fathom the delay, given that Glitter And Spit sounds like it was fired off in one furious afternoon.

The guitar/drums filth-blues formula is well-worn now, but Kirsty Lowrey and Sara Leigh Shaw twist it up, supplementing their thunderous Zep-knock-off licks with samples, loops and nihilist vocals that suggest they took a few lessons in icy condescension from Shirley Manson while touring with Garbage. The standouts come early: Black Blood’s massive stop-start riff, Go Hard’s savage S&M (‘Tie you up/tie you down’) and the pouty, shouty Lara, with the pair hollering its scabrous hook like crazed cheerleaders.

It was worth the wait.