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The Jokers: Hurricane

A few rock’n’roll aces here!

You can tell where The Jokers get their chops, as soon as Run4Cover dashes round the corner. It’s the allure of 70s British hard rock, with occasional nods towards the previous decade. And, keeping a distinct live attitude makes Hurricane an inviting breeze.

The Jokers mix influences from The Faces, Humble Pie and The Yardbirds, striking a rich vein with the soul flame on Her Word Is Love and the funky patch on She’s On Fire. Angel and Everywhere I Go, meantime, dip the oar into Thunder territory, with a mid-tempo, gravelly timbre, and this rolls into the punchy pace of Lockdown.

There are a few dips, though. The acoustic Summer Time and the maudlin Dream meander with little purpose, while Rocketman sounds a shade tired. But these downturns are overcome by Salvation, the best track here, laced with a dishevelled elegance. These Jokers ought to be taken seriously.