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The International Swingers: The International Swingers

Blondie/Sex Pistols/Gen X supergroup’s debut.

The International Swingers album cover

Twenty Flight Rockers’ singer Gary Twinn persuaded Glen Matlock, Clem Burke and Gen X axeman James Stevenson to form a holiday band to tour Australia in 2012. Pooling their songwriting resources has taken time, but the participants’ shared histories ensure a confident vitality.

FBI, Gun Control and the cautionary, Latin-tinged Running Man define an action-packed, concerned and engaged identity. Given the Rich Kids/Blondie threads in their bloodline it’s no surprise that a bold power-pop strain courses through the Swingers’ songs.

Serviceable but sweet rock’n’roll romances (Honey’s Room, Black Leather Jacket) come as standard. On Something and the closing Whatever Works Now go further, negotiating sharp lines between addictive longing and a busted relationship. The internal chemistry and execution is all-pervasive and infectious. Swingtime has come.