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The Interbeing - Among Amorphous album review

Industrial djent marauding Danes pull fascinating shapes

Cover art for The Interbeing - Among Amorphous album

What we’ve seen so far from The Interbeing has been impressive, even though the Danish tech-industrialists have been painfully slow to release their second album. Their 2011 debut, Edge Of The Obscure, melded Fear Factory-esque steel riffery with sinister djent ambience to nightmarish effect. Six years on, the band have finally arrived at Among The Amorphous, an epic, sci-fi, dystopian concept album. The dark undercurrent that rippled through their earlier material has seeped cinematically into …Amorphous’s every pore, including the Matrix-meets-Covenant artwork. Spiral Into Existence is a bold opener, flexing polyrhythmic muscles with a hulk of a chorus, and the band start as they mean to go on. A brutal salvo follows with Deceptive Signal, Sins Of The Mechanical and Borderline Human, each precise and punishing with excellent choruses that rise from the twisted metal below, bathed in apocalyptic electronics. And while Meshuggah influences abound on tracks like Pinnacle Of The Strain, they feed rather than consume the music. Let’s hope album number three arrives soon.